An Objective-C and Mac OS X developer for over 5 years, I have grown up with these technologies and am proficient at providing custom applications, scripts & utilities, and plugins to suit any needs.

For the past 3 years, I have been the lead developer for Mac application Quicksilver; one of the most famous and popular Mac utility programs. Management of the open source project has meant I’ve learnt to communicate with developers over different time zones, understand the need for tidy, self-documented code and appreciate the support requirements of users with problems or bugs.

Quicksilver App for OS X - Lead Developer

Lead Developer of Quicksilver App for OS X

Technologies and services I typically use on a daily basis, and that I have a firm grasp of include:

  • Objective-C and Cocoa
  • The Xcode development tools and Apple developer environment
  • Interface Builder and User Interface design
  • Mac App Store and app submission process
  • AppleScripts, Automator Actions and plugins for OS X applications
  • Scripting and low level interaction with the OS X system

Mac OS X Developer Tools

As well as Objective-C, I understand the importance of being able to efficiently deal with and understand other programming languages (for creating scripts, framework linking etc.). Typically, I use Python, Ruby, PHP and bash scripting languages for these tasks, but am flexible to make changes.

If you are looking for a desktop OS X application, or a script or plugin to help improve your OS X workflow and efficiency, then get in touch by emailing [email protected]